Plotter Programs
Aegis Films offers a wide variety of plotter programs to fit every need.  We can offer an all-inclusive program where we cover the cost of the plotter package or sell each component individually.  Regardless of which way you go, teaming with Aegis will assure you the best window film and plotter package available.

Two of the best companies in our industry have teamed up to offer the best software cutting system available.   No more hand cutting, no guess work and no more waste.  Film Designs is a user friendly software package that can handle it all including paint protection patterns.  It has almost every model you would ever need and goes back to the 1990’s.  You can alter and save patterns and have the ability to add designs, logos and text.

Aegis has hand selected several brands of plotters to satisfy the most demanding tint professional.  We offer Roland, Jaguar, Anagraph and Graphtec.  We are able to customize packages to meet your individual needs.
Custom plans are available.  Exclusive Agreements are available where Aegis will supply the plotter and software. Pricing depends on the brands, size and software packages.  See or call your rep for details.