DRN & DRA Dual Reflective Series Solar Control Window Films

Dual reflective films have different reflectivity levels on the interior and exterior layers. These films contain a highly reflective outer layer for superior solar performance and a minimally reflective inner layer for better visual clarity.
The Aegis Dual Reflective Series combines the very highest in performance and aesthetics while providing unparalleled solar control benefits. Both the Neutral and the Amber shades are constructed with a highly reflective outer layer which gives the home or building superior heat control and performance. The soft reflective inner layer provides much better visual clarity in both daytime and night time hours.

DRN Dual Reflective Neutral Solar Control Window Films (Outlook)

The Outlook Family has a beautiful sky tone coloring with a reflective outer layer and a soft neutral inner layer with very low reflectivity. This duality allows the home or building to attain heat control and energy savings, which excel over other brands, while allowing for much better quality views compared to more traditional films. The Outlook Dual Reflective comes in 7%, 17%, 27%, 37% & 47% shades which allow the home and building to choose exactly the performance and shade they desire.

DRA Dual Reflective Amber Solar Control Window Films (Amber)

The Amber Family has a soft earth tone color. This film’s outer layer possess bronze overtones, while the inner layer offers a muted, low reflective earthy shade. Great heat control and energy savings coupled with the softer interior views make this product a great match for those who enjoy or desire the earth tone hues in their environment. Amber is offered in 17%, 27% and 37% visible light transmittance.