Architectural Film

Let's face much as we like the sun it can cause many problems in our home or office. Aegis Architectural Films are a cost effective way to reduce glare, eliminate hot spots and reduce cooling costs, thus creating comfort for tenants or employees, reducing tenant turnover and enhancing employee comfort and productivity.

  • Reducing the solar energy by up to 84%, reducing cooling cost in the summer while acting as a glazing insulator in the winter.
  • Stabilizing seasonal temperature fluctuations and leveling out hot and cold spots throughout the building creating a more comfortable interior climate for all tenants or employees.
  • Improving exterior appearance with a variety of color choices and visible light transmissions to accommodate a multitude of needs by any given building, increasing the property curb appeal and value.
  • Reducing glare on computer screens and digital conferencing equipment, reducing eye discomfort that can be damaging and lead to headaches and other maladies for employees.
  • Protecting fabrics, furnishings and artwork from UV damage by reducing the Ultraviolet radiation exposure to less than 1%
  • Creating interior and exterior privacy where needed with a variety of films designed specifically for those seeking privacy for tenants, patients or employees.
  • Maintaining safety and security for employees or tenants from shattered glass and expensive equipment or belongings from accidents, vandalism, burglary and acts of nature.