High Performance

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High Performance is exactly that, high performer.  This films specifications on performance will surpass or hold up to many higher priced industry films.   Available in both Charcoal and Neutral colors, this premium 2 ply high performance film is manufactured like no other film in the industry. This film is made with our legendary scratch coat and adhesive, offering superior heat rejection that won’t turn purple. Our proprietary formula allows our films to adhere to the dot matrix and defrost lines better than most and reduces potential failure points. Advanced engineering allows the installer to shrink the film without ghosting and control the shrinking process with ease. This film contains metal but produces little to no interference with today’s electronics. Manufacturers Life-time No Color Change and Construction Guarantee.

Available in 50%, 39%, 35%, 30%, 21%, 15%, 4%. The Charcoal also has a 03% that measures 2.7% 3% and 4% are 3 ply films